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Your privacy is important to us. This means that we will store your data safely and will ensure that they remain well protected. We are also informing you know about what we do with your data when we use them respectfully in order to better serve you.

We start from the principle that everyone has control over their personal data and everyone has the right not to share them with us or no longer share them with us. This Privacy Statement states which personal information we can collect about you, how we use that information and with whom we may possibly share them. We explain what we do to protect your privacy, how you have a say in the matter and what checks are performed to ensure compliance with this statement.

This Privacy Statement applies to the collection, management, use and sharing of your data by Traicar BVBA. This Privacy Statement must be seen together with our terms of use and our cookie policy. We can change our Privacy Statement at any time and we will make the most recent version available on our website This Privacy Statement has been reviewed and last modified on 24/5/2018.

Please read this Privacy Statement carefully before using or sharing your personal data. By visiting and using this website you confirm that you have read the Privacy Policy and understand how we collect, process, use and disclose your personal data.

If applicable: Please note that before you use or provide Personal Data in certain sections of the Website, you may be asked to confirm your consent with this Privacy Policy electronically. Your confirming action and your use of this Website will mean that you agree to the collection, processing, use and transfer of your Personal Information as described in this Privacy Policy.

Our contact information:
Traicar BVBA,  Breendonkstraat 108, 2830 Willebroek
Tel: +32 (0)3 290 01 48
VAT-nummer: BE0466 393 123

Contact details of our Data Protection Officer:
Wuyts Walter
Tel: +32 (0)3 290 01 48

In which cases or situations is this statement applicable?
This Privacy Statement applies when you visit our websites or have contact with our sales and promotion staff. By visiting our websites or being in contact with our sales and promotion staff, you give us permission to collect and use personal information as described in this Privacy Statement.


Which data do we collect?
We collect your data in order to be able to carry out and to improve our services, and to inform you about our activities, our promotions or products and services that you have purchased. You pass on some of this information directly to us - for example through forms on our website, with your business card, with your orders or in your e-mail traffic with us, or we obtain part of the data by registering how you handle our products and services, or we obtain this data through cookies on our websites.

We distinguish different types of personal data. They allow us to propose and offer our products and services:

1.  User data: These allow us to identify you or contact you. For example: your name, your address, your telephone numbers, your language preference, your gender, your e-mail addresses, your participation in our actions and your use of our website.

2.  Traffic data: we need these technical data to make our electronic communications run smoothly, such as your IP address for example.

3.  Sensitive data: we do not process any sensitive data.


Why do we collect these data?
We process personal data for various reasons, whereby, in every case, we only process the data that are necessary to achieve our goal. With your permission, as far as required, we collect personal data for the following concrete purposes:
1. To process your requests about our products and services.

If you visit our websites or contact our sales and promotion staff to collect or request information about our products and services or, for example, when you sign up for our newsletter, we need your address details. We use all the information we receive about you to provide you with the requested information, in the manner that you state.

2. In order to offer you the best service possible.
We keep your records to improve our customer service. If we want to set up, maintain and support our products and services correctly, we need that information. This way we can also contact you regarding the next step in our cooperation or to request feedback about our services. If there are technical problems or malfunctions on our part, then we must be able to inform you about them.

3. In order to inform you about our products, services and activities.
We may use your information to inform you about existing and new products, services, special promotions, workshops, events and others things, to do direct marketing or to create a profile about you so that we can inform you about matters we believe are interesting for you. We can do this in writing, electronically and by telephone. We also use your data for the newsletters you subscribe to. You will only receive communication by e-mail if you have given your explicit permission for this, insofar as this is required.

We can also analyse your surfing and reading behaviour and create content for our websites or newsletters that will suit your needs. We do this by registering your visits, along with the activities that take place during them. Think of viewed pages or clicked on links. In this way we can give you easier access to the information you are looking for as well.


Who is managing your data?
All personal data are managed by Traicar BVBA. Within Traicar BVBA the data are only accessible to persons who need access to them in order to be able to perform their tasks.

We make use of external processors. This means, among other things, that we temporarily pass on data to third parties for certain tasks if we do not have the means to perform them ourselves. If we do so, we will always ensure that your data are treated confidentially and are used in a secure manner. We will always record this contractually with the processors. For example, a processor will never be allowed to use your data on their own initiative and your data must be deleted as soon as a processor has completed their assignment.

We may pass on your personal data to our possible legal successors and affiliated companies such as subsidiaries and sister companies, for the same purposes as stated in this Privacy Statement. For some aspects of our products and services we work with third parties or we engage subcontractors. The transfer of your data will only take place for the same purposes as Traicar BVBA itself has. We will ensure that they, just like us, manage your data safely and respectfully.

In some cases, we use anonymous, aggregated data for commercial purposes or for external reporting. These data can never be deduced to a specific individual.

At no time will we sell or rent your information to companies or individuals that are not part of our company or group. We regard your data as confidential information.

If we would otherwise provide personal data to third parties, this would be done with an explicit communication, in which we would explain about the third party, the purposes of the transfer and the processing. Where required by law, we will ask for your express consent, to comply with a court order or the order of a competent authority or in other cases permitted or required by law, or to respond to an emergency situation, or in any other way protect the rights, property and safety of third parties and visitors of the website. You always have the option to object as well.

How do we secure your data?
We will protect your personal data and privacy as much as possible. Our employees are trained to deal with confidential data correctly. We also employ specialized people who are responsible for the security of our IT infrastructure. Furthermore, we use various technical measures to protect your personal data. Should a data breach occur with unfavourable consequences for your personal data, you will be personally informed in those circumstances provided for by law.

Our websites sometimes contain links to third-party sites whose terms of use do not fall within the scope of this Privacy Statement. Carefully read their policies regarding the protection of your personal data.

Viewing, correcting or deleting data?
You have the right to access your data. You can ask us whether we process personal data from you; for which we process it; what categories of data we process; with which categories of third parties we share your personal data; what the origin of the processed data is and what logic we use if we were to automatically process certain personal data.

You can exercise your right of access in writing, for the attention of Traicar BVBA, Breendonkstraat 108, 2830 Willebroek, or by e-mail to We have 30 days to answer your request. This period starts when we have received your request in writing and have all the information required to fulfil your request.

In order to exercise your right of access and to prevent any unauthorized disclosure of your personal data, we may ask you for proof of your identity. We will not ask you for a copy of your identity card.

You also have the right to have incomplete, incorrect, inappropriate or outdated personal data removed or changed. For this, you can always contact us by e-mail or by mail. We will then adjust this information as necessary within the statutory deadlines. Please note that in some cases, depending on your request, we will no longer be able to offer some services. We also cannot always delete all data that is requested to be deleted, for example because we are legally obliged to keep such data for a specific period of time.

To keep your data up-to-date, we request that you notify us of any change. You have the right to ask to restrict the collection, processing or use of Personal Data about you, the right to request data portability, and the right to know the identity of third parties to whom your personal data are communicated. You also have the right to file a complaint with the competent supervisory authority.

No direct marketing?
You always have the right to oppose the use of your personal data for direct marketing without giving any reason. You can always contact us regarding this, by e-mail or by mail.

How long do we keep your personal data?
We will ensure appropriate organizational and technical measures to secure personal data. We are not allowed to store personal data for longer than is necessary to achieve the purpose for which we collect them. The storage period can therefore differ per goal and can sometimes be very short. After the applicable retention periods have expired, personal data will be completely anonymised or deleted. We process user data up to ten years after the end of the contractual relationship with Traicar BVBA, for Traffic Data it is a maximum of one and a half years.

If you have questions about our privacy policy or if you want to contact us to change your data, we are always ready to offer a suitable answer. You can reach us by e-mail, in writing or by telephone using the contact details below. In this same way you can also submit a complaint which we will process in a correct manner as quickly as possible. If you were to be unsatisfied with our response, you can contact the government and more specifically the Commission for the protection of individual privacy as well. The contact details can be found on their website:

Our contact information:
Adres: Breendonkstraat 108, 2830 Willebroek
Tel: +32 (0)3 290 01 48

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