About us

Founded in 2000 by Carl Meskens, Traicar BVBA. has become a small family business that is more than worth your trust. Since the start our goal is to produce artisan croquettes from a high and impeccable quality, all controlled with expert knowledge in terms of quality, control, efficiency and sector knowledge.

Despite the high labor costs, our products are still produced in a traditional manner (breading by hand), with the advantage that without any problem you can easily mention “homemade croquettes” on your menu, something still rare on the market.

Innovative products, “gluten free“ croquettes, tailor-made solutions, flexibility and customer satisfaction are the target of a team of motivated and professional staff.

All this means that you can count on excellent service and successful cooperation with our company.


Traicar bvba  |  Industriezone Pullaar 441-443  |  Rijksweg 51  |  2870 Puurs  |  +32 3 290 01 48


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